Ref. Produto
ITS890001 FERRO 12X12X100R P20 13585
ITS890002 FERRO 12X12X100L P20 13586
ITS890003 FERRO 16X16X110R P20 13588
ITS890004 FERRO 16X16X110L P20 13589
ITS890005 FERRO 20X20X125R P20 13591
ITS890006 FERRO 20X20X125L P20 13592
ITS890007 FERRO 25X25X140R P20 13594
ITS890008 FERRO 25X25X140L P20 13597
ITS890009 FERRO 12X12X100R K10 29153
ITS890010 FERRO 12X12X100L K10 29179
ITS890011 FERRO 16X16X110R K10 18258
ITS890012 FERRO 16X16X110L K10 29181
ITS890013 FERRO 20X20X125R K10 28343
ITS890014 FERRO 20X20X125L K10 13051
ITS890015 FERRO 25X25X140R K10 26003
ITS890016 FERRO 25X25X140L K10 29182
ITS890017 FERRO 12X12X100L M20 56073
ITS890018 FERRO 12X12X100R M20 56074
ITS890019 FERRO 16X16X110L M20 56076
ITS890020 FERRO 16X16X110R M20 56077
ITS890021 FERRO 20X20X125L M20 56078
ITS890022 FERRO 20X20X125R M20 56079
ITS890023 FERRO 25X25X140L M20 56080
ITS890024 FERRO 25X25X140R M20 56082
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